So, I’m now writing for UK Film Review.

This means any films I’m assigned to review – big or small – will be exclusive to the site. If you’re interested enough to support me over there, that would be awesome. I’ll still be posting reviews on this blog, but UK Film Review is where my focus is at the moment.

Also, I’ll always link you guys to the big ones. For example, I was able to see Edgar Wright’s new film Baby Driver a couple days ago, so the review was ready for release on June 28. I also got to see Stephen Fry’s The Hippopotamus adaption early. Oh, and this really inspirational documentary about a man and his dream to swim with sharks, Of Shark and Man. This is really exciting for me!

I feel I’m evolving as a critic, and it’s really cool to see people enjoying my ramblings. Please, continue with me on this journey. Cheers!

– Taryll

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